Anal sex causes pain only in one case-if something is done wrong. Many women not only enjoy this type of coitus, but also experience an orgasm. If you do not rush and start with the introduction of fingers and small sex toys into the anus, gradually moving on to larger objects, and use a lubricant, and at the same time relax as much as possible, then there will definitely be no pain.

anal sex
And, of course, the fact that your partner wants to include anal pleasures in your sex diet should not come as a surprise to you. If he wishes it, let him tell you in advance, so that you can prepare by emptying your bowels and visiting the shower. Otherwise, in addition to the aesthetic component of the question, the sphincter will not be very elastic, and then in fact painful sensations are possible.

Plan it in advance
Almost all sex guides urge us to turn off our heads and throw ourselves into the abyss of passion. All this is fine, but it has nothing to do with anal sex – here it is necessary to include the head. And this consists in preparing for this type of coitus, and then you will find out for yourself what incomparable pleasure the forbidden fruit may give, which you were even afraid to think about. The key rule of preparation for anal sex: it should not be spontaneous in any case. Preparation is required! Otherwise, there may be uncomfortable sensations, pain, aesthetic shock, the appearance of complexes and psychological barriers, unpleasant diseases.

Don’t keep silence
Communication with a partner is a prerequisite for anyone who has decided to experience the wonders of anal intercourse. To clearly understand that everything is going as it should, you need to be frank with each other and immediately talk about the discomfort or lack of desire to practice anal sex. In any case, do not agree through force – it will definitely not bring you pleasure. And when did sex against the will bring someone pleasure?

If you do not like something, you are afraid or in pain, immediately stop this event. You don’t owe your partner anything, even if you asked him to enter you from behind a couple of minutes ago. He will somehow survive the rejection, and you will be able to tune in to a more favorable time. And, of course, don’t forget about condoms.

It would seem that why do you need contraceptives, because no one has ever gotten pregnant from anal sex! And, nevertheless, you will need them as protection against infections. In this case, the need for condoms is even higher than with vaginal sex. First, the risk of infection is much greater. Secondly, what if you want to switch to traditional coitus? It will be enough to change the condom, and you may continue.

Use a lubricant
Anyone who practices anal sex knows well that there is not much lubrication here. Apply a special lubricant liberally to the anus to prevent tears, reduce the likelihood of painful sensations and increase pleasure.

If you are afraid of pain, use a lubricant with an analgesic effect. Keep in mind: you need a lubricant that reduces pain, not an anesthetic. The fact is that, numbing, the skin loses sensitivity, and you may injure the anus without even noticing it.

It is undesirable to use baby cream, vaseline and other similar substances. First, they contribute to tear latex condoms. Secondly, they are quickly absorbed and stop their action. Third, they are too fat, and this does not add to the pleasant sensations.

Remember the sequence
Do not try to engage in rough anal sex on the first attempt, especially if you are not quite sure that you want it. First, diversify your sex diet with your fingers and tongue: let the man caress your anus with his fingers lubricated with lube, or with his tongue. This will allow you to relax and trust your partner.

Don’t ignore the clitoris
Independently or with the help of a man, stimulate the clitoris. So you will get even more pleasure and come to orgasm faster.

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