Being a sugar baby in Kuala Lumpur is what many women do to gain financial freedom. Many men are willing to pay a lot of money just to be in your company. They lavish you with expensive gifts, some may even pay your bills, or treat you any way you want just to spend some time with you. Sometimes you have sex with a sugar daddy, but sometimes the encounter involves no sexual intercourse.

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When you put all these things together, it’s not such a surprise that a sugar baby in KL applied to become Malaysian escorts. However, an important thing to bear in mind is that KL escorts are not sugar babies. See our escort employment agency page for more details.

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Our KL escort agency receives a multitude of applications daily. Many of these applications account for girls who say they are sugar babies and have been told they’re good in bed. So, they concluded they would be a good fit for an escort.

What is the difference between a sugar baby and a KL escort? Well, sugar baby spends time with a man she finds attractive, at least to some extent. Even when sex is involved, it’s because she likes him. But, sex is not the main focus of the sugar baby – sugar daddy arrangement.

On the flip side, the vast majority of encounters that KL escorts have with clients are primarily for sexual purposes. While sex doesn’t have to be penetrative all the time, the encounter may still involve some form of sexual favor including a blowjob or hand job. In other words, clients expect to have sex with KL escorts and that’s why they book them in the first place.

However, a sugar baby is often in a platonic relationship with her sugar daddy. Their arrangement may lead to sexual intercourse, but it’s not the rule.

Also, a sugar baby gets to choose her sugar daddy. She chooses her sugar daddy based on things she likes, how compatible they are, and other things. KL escorts, especially beginners, don’t get to choose their clients. Sometimes they’re booked to meet a client and have sex with him even though they don’t really find him attractive.

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This isn’t always the case, though. Experienced KL escorts have the opportunity to pick and choose their clients. They can be picky about people with whom they meet.

Being an escort has many advantages over being a sugar baby, though. The biggest advantage for KL escorts is that their rates of payment for services are clear. Agencies have set rates and they don’t allow the clients to negotiate and lower the rates. There is no haggling here. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for sugar babies. Sometimes a sugar daddy will attempt to lower the rate you proposed. Also, some men will bring an expensive gift and consider it a “payment”. These things don’t happen to KL escorts. It’s not uncommon for men to pretend they are wealthy, just to score spending some time with a sugar baby. But their payments are insignificant.

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