An intimate sex interaction called oral sex involves using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s genitalia. Oral sex with the penis or the vagina is another name for it. Oral sex improves the sexual encounter and may increase orgasm intensity. Most people favor oral sex as stimulation before engaging in sexual activity. Additionally, it can be done during and following penetrating intercourse. Oral stimulation is also relatively popular without engaging in vaginal or penetrative intercourse. To liven up your sex life, experiment with different oral sex positions.
Prior Starting
Concerns about oral sex are common, especially if you’re trying it for the first time. It’s acceptable to enjoy oral sex. Because oral sex is such an intimate act, it is common not to prefer it. Ensure that you and your partner agree on oral sex by communicating.  Additionally, it is normal to feel uncomfortable having oral sex for the first time. You don’t have to concentrate on being flawless. More pleasure is involved in oral sex. Following are oral sex positions that every guy will love.
The Slacker Boy
The thigh master and this position are comparable. The woman kneels to take the penis in her mouth as the male sprawls out luxuriously on the bed. It allows her to explore his body with her hands while also stimulating her mouth.
Up and Below
The male is in command in this setting while the woman is lying comfortably on the man’s side of the bed. The guy adopts a doggy stance so that his penis is immediately above the woman’s mouth, comparable to the face-sitting posture. In this posture, the man can now put his into the woman’s mouth.
In this traditional oral sex position, your guy lies on the bed with you straddling his face. This is what’s known as the oral cowgirl position. The reverse cowgirl posture can also be used for face-sitting. It implies that you will lean towards his face while straddling him. You can lean back and lay on his stomach with your head between his thighs to be comfier and give him more breathing room.
Head Dangler
Your guy will stand close to the bed and bend his upper body forward to get his lips closer to your genitals. This is so that his penis is close to your mouth while you lie on your back with your head leaning nearer to the end of the bed. It will be simpler for your partner to put his penis into your mouth in the head dangler position.
Oral Standing Sex
One of the most common oral sex positions for oral penis sex is this one.
Your lover can sit on their knees with their mouth level with your penis while you are standing—one of the coziest positions for getting and dishing out a blowjob.
The Rear Bench
This is another sex position that lets men unwind while getting a blowjob in the back seat. The man is sitting comfortably on the couch, his legs spread wide. To arouse the man’s penis, the lady kneels between his thighs. Additionally, the lady can lean sideways while seated next to the man on the couch and suck his penis.
Everyone enjoys oral sex, but you don’t have to adopt the same posture or rely on the same techniques to appease your spouse. Try out different positions and oral sex techniques to see what works best for you and your partner.

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